The SP-X™ Imaging and Analysis System | Brochure

Unleashing the power of next generation Simoa planar array technology for robust
multiplex circulating biomarker detection at the earliest stages of disease progression-
even at healthy baseline levels. 

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Key Features

  • Combines Simoa ultra-sensitive assay development and optimization with up to 10-plex multiplexing scale and flexibility
  • 1000-fold concentration of assay signal and reduction in non-specific background
  • Compact benchtop footprint requiring only 11” (28 cm) of space
  • Onboard high-resolution camera and custom lens for optimal light collection without user adjustments
  • Optimized image analysis with proprietary acquisition algorithms and machine learning maximize dynamic range and S/N
  • Touch screen tablet interface
  • Imaging time <2.5 minutes per plate
  • No maintenance or calibration required