Simoa Success Grant Proposal 1: Sample Analysis Grant Application

Infectious Disease/Immunology Sample Analysis Award

Quanterix announces the Simoa Success Grant Program in support of investigators based in the United States who are studying critical topics at the intersection of laboratory and clinical research in Infectious Diseases and Immunology to introduce them to the benefits of Simoa assays for protein biomarker analysis.

Simoa Success Sample Analysis Awards

One proposal will be awarded placement of a Quanterix SR-X Instrument, Simoa Microplate Washer, and Simoa Microplate Shaker, plus all necessary assay kits and consumables to run the proposed study.  Awardee will be trained by a Quanterix FAS and supported through completion of the study.  Awardee will have the option to keep the instrument on-site permanently with a commitment to purchasing at least $50K in consumables during the 12 month period following completion of the study.

Four proposals will be awarded a free of charge sample analysis at Quanterix headquarters to complete the proposed study.  Awardee’s must send samples to Quanterix in Billerica, MA for analysis.

All samples must be collected and stored by the applicant’s laboratory.  If selected for a Tier 2 grant, samples must be compatible for handling in a BSL-2 facility.  The awardee will be responsible for appropriate packing and shipping of samples to Quanterix within 1 month of award notification.  Sample processing timelines will be communicated upon sample receipt. 

Applicants are encouraged to present an experimental plan for sample testing utilizing current Simoa assays to measure specific analyte levels.  Preferred projects will address a basic or pre-clinical question aimed at demonstrating the use of specific protein biomarkers in diagnosis, prognosis, or treatment efficacy studies for diseases engaging the immune system.  Up to 130 samples may be submitted for analysis with one assay kit, or up to 65 samples may be submitted for analysis with two assay kits.  Appendix A lists the assay kits available for this grant.

Application Deadline:

Grant applications must be submitted by 5 p.m. EDT on June 19, 2020. Candidates will be notified by July 3, 2020 if their application has been selected for a Quanterix Simoa Success award. Submit your applications to 

Access the full list of rules and regulations here. 

Decision of the judges is final. Terms and conditions are subject to change without notice. Void where prohibited by law. 

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