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Simoa® Advantage Plus Assays


Introducing Simoa® Advantage PLUS, the latest advancement for Quanterix RUO assay kits. Simoa® Advantage PLUS assays were carefully designed to improve longitudinal data precision and better support for large-scale research studies. Developed by integrating invaluable customer insights and cutting-edge technology, Simoa® Advantage PLUS assay technology brings new lot-to-lot consistency and sustainability to previous chemistry innovations as a testament to an unwavering dedication to delivering the gold standard in industry-leading ultra-sensitive assays. 


From discovery to diagnostics, our Simoa® Advantage PLUS assays can fuel your research through the ability to identify and examine critical biomarkers less invasively, more efficiently, and with higher accuracy when compared to other analog methods.  

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Scientist with Simoa HD-X

Powering the Driving Force in Biomarker Research

With the introduction of Simoa® Advantage PLUS, Quanterix sets a new benchmark for RUO assay kits. Emphasizing lot-to-lot consistency, increased lot sizes, and sustainability, we showcase our unwavering dedication to ensuring industry-leading assay performance and stability. 

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Enhanced Lot-to-Lot Consistency: Improved protocols and manufacturing methods ensure consistent results and optimize lot-to-lot consistency.  

Increased Lot Sizes: New manufacturing efficiencies enable production of larger lot sizes. 

Efficient Storage & Shipping: Reagent improvements and innovative packaging consolidate components into a single box, making storage at 2-8°C efficient and negating the need for freezer space and dry ice during shipping. 


Benefits of Simoa® Advantage PLUS

Enhanced Data Precision: Capture and discriminate subtle differences in samples across lots, facilitating more accurate long-term analysis and conclusions. 

Support for Large-Scale Research Studies: Larger lots sizes, enhanced lot-to-lot reliability, and extended shelf-life ensures large-scale and longitudinal research studies are supported with unparalleled consistency. 

Single-Lot Sourcing: Extended shelf-life allows large studies that prefer single-lot sourcing to purchase one bulk order with confidence. 

Reduced Carbon Footprint: Streamlined packaging and efficient storage and shipping contribute to environmental sustainability by decreasing overall energy consumption and associated emissions. 

Unparalleled Sensitivity: The robustness of assay parameters remains paramount, ensuring that the sensitivity levels you have come to trust remains undiminished. 


Key Biomarkers Immediately Available 

  • NfL 
  • IFN-a MS 
  • sTREM2 
  • IL-17A 
  • pTau-181

Simoa® Advantage PLUS combines the power of Quanterix’s instrument technology and Simoa® ultra-sensitive digital immunoassays to elevate the precision, consistency, efficiency, and sustainability of your biomarker research. Don't miss the opportunity to revolutionize your data collection and analysis with this cutting-edge solution. 


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Simoa® Advantage PLUS

Developed by integrating invaluable customer insights and cutting-edge advancements, Advantage PLUS stands as a testament to Quanterix’s unwavering dedication to delivering the gold standard in industry-leading ultra-sensitive assays.

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