Decoding Alzheimer’s: The History, Biomarkers, and Clinical Advances

On-Demand Recording


Thanks for your interest in our webinar hosted in partnership with Inside Precision Medicine. Watch as Dr. Andrew Liu and Dr. Blaine R. Roberts discuss the history of Alzheimer's disease (AD) biomarker research and offer insights into where the field is headed next. Learn about the historical milestones that have shaped the current understanding of this neurodegenerative disorder, and the broader implications for cognitive health. The speakers also discussed the transformative role of emerging biomarkers like plasma p-Tau181 and p-Tau 217 in the early detection, prognosis, and ongoing monitoring of AD, and their potential application in clinical contexts.



Andy Liu, MD, MS    
Assistant Professor, Neurology and Pathology; Director of Biomarker Discovery, Department of Neurology
Duke University


Blaine Roberts, PhD    
Professor, Departments of Biochemistry and Neurology
Emory University

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