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With the Simoa® Accelerator Laboratory as your pharma service technology solution of choice, you can expand the limits of biomarker exploration and dramatically accelerate the timeline to drug approvals.

The Simoa Accelerator Laboratory is a full-service center for custom biomarker and biopharmaceutical research, custom assay development, clinical sample testing, and precision data delivery. Our state-of-the-art facility includes a CLIA-certified lab and puts the power of groundbreaking Simoa technology to work to achieve research objectives for over 160 pharma and academic customers from all over the globe. As the innovators of the Simoa platform, the Accelerator Laboratory has completed more than 400 Simoa projects and well over 100,000 samples run to date – more than any other lab in the world. 

Quanterix’ team of dedicated scientists offer the greatest depth of instrument experience and ultra-sensitive assay development - all the way through manufacturing - giving you instant access to Simoa technology.  From expert and rapid development of custom assay kits, to selection of best antibody pairs, to running sample sets of any size, The Simoa Accelerator Lab treats every project with individualized attention to help your organization achieve its research and development goals efficiently and cost-effectively.