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Simoa Success Webinar Series: Immunology and Infectious Diseases

November 17, 2020

Hosted by Lindsey Marsh, PhD -  Field Applications Scientist, Quanterix

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Simoa Success Seminars have gone virtual! We are excited to offer an extended lineup of webinar events, based on our popular seminar series.

Lindsey Marsh, PhD, Quanterix Field Application Scientist hosts the seventh event of our 2020 webinar series in which researchers Caroline Passaes, PhD of Institut Pasteur and Luisa Villar, PhD of Ramón y Cajal University Hospital discuss their recent work in the study of HIV and COVID-19, respectively, using Simoa technology.

A Simoa expert panel is moderated by Laurel Provencher, PhD, and features Joel Nichols, Quanterix VP of Information Systems, and Rob Mathis, Product Manager for Quanterix as they discuss critical data validation topics including compliance and security.

We invite viewers to also watch one or more of the "best practices" panels for HD-X, SR-X, and SP-X instrument users, which offer tips and tricks to help optimize the Simoa experience across all platforms and were offered after the data validation panel discussion.