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Cytokine Biomarkers of Inflammatory Response in COVID-19 Patients

Hosted by Sino Biological

As COVID-19 pandemic preparedness initiatives ramp up to address the current crisis, one area of focus has been the improvement of testing methods to re-open society. Here, Quanterix Chairman, CEO, and President Kevin Hrusovsky and VP of Pharma Services Dan Sikkema, PhD discuss how the ultra-sensitive SIMOA™ biomarker detection platform can be used in efforts around frontline immunological and serologic assessments of COVID-19.  

Institut Pasteur's Darragh Duffy, PhD, explains how Simoa was used to identify a unique phenotype in severe and critical COVID-19 patients, consisting of a profoundly impaired interferon (IFN) type I response characterized by no IFN-b and low IFN-a production.

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