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Simoa® Accelerator Laboratory Services

Putting the power of ultrasensitive Simoa® to work for you

The Simoa® Accelerator Laboratory is a full-service center for custom biomarker and biopharmaceutical research, custom assay development, clinical sample testing, and more. Gain instant access to Quanterix’s full suite of instruments and ultrasensitive assays, including our pTau-181 plasma laboratory developed test - the first of its kind released for clinical use in the U.S. Our CLIA-licensed facility is staffed with experienced Simoa® scientists who are ready to take your research to the next level.

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Biomarker discovery driven by ultra-sensitivity

Key Services

The Accelerator Lab is your go-to resource for PK/PD, efficacy, safety, and target engagement with high sensitivity.

Simoa Accelerator Laboratory

Custom Assay Development with Optimization & Validation

Quanterix scientists partner with you to develop your project requirements and assay criteria to transform commercially available or proprietary reagents into a fully validated, ultrasensitive Simoa assay that delivers the highest level of performance.

NF-Light Assay

Antibody Screening Services

Creating the best assay often necessitates screening large numbers of antibody pairs. Let Accelerator help select the best antibody pairs for a Simoa custom homebrew singleplex or multiplex assay. We utilize a network of antibody suppliers and will screen different antibody clones to help develop the most suitable assay for your needs. 

Simoa Homebrew Assays

Proof of Concept or Contract Study Testing

Test samples prior to purchase of your own Simoa instrument, or run full studies in Quanterix's Accelerator Lab as a quick and a cost-effective solution. From small experiments with just a few samples to large clinical studies with thousands, protocols are tailored to meet the sponsor's specific needs.  

Achieve Breakthroughs from Discovery to Diagnostics

Quanterix has a strategic focus in: 

  • Neurology
  • Oncology
  • Infectious disease
  • Immunology
  • Cardiology

We are working with a rapidly-growing network of academic researchers and pharmaceutical and biotech partners to drive advancements in a variety of critical research areas. 

In our Simoa Accelerator Laboratory, our experienced team of Quanterix scientists is dedicated to sponsored research leveraging the power of ultrasensitive Simoa technologies. Working individually with the project sponsor, we create a custom scope of work to help achieve your research objectives efficiently, cost-effectively, and faster than ever before.  

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