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Simoa® Cardiology Assays & Services


From discovery to diagnostics, our Simoa assays and custom assay development services can fuel your research through the ability to identify and examine critical biomarkers less invasively, more efficiently, and with higher accuracy when compared to other analog methods. 

Simoa assays can detect neurological biomarkers, such as NfL and GFAP in blood, serum or plasma. These markers, previously quantifiable in CSF only, can be detected at ultra-low levels using Simoa and have the potential to predict neurological outcomes in cardiac event patients. The prognostic utility of biomarkers, such as NfL, could play a critical role in long and short-term prognoses of neurological outcomes after major cardiac events and in monitoring patients who undergo cardiopulmonary bypass.

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Scientist with Simoa HD-X

Fueling Breakthrough Knowledge in Post-Cardiac Event Care

We work with a rapidly growing network of academic researchers, pharmaceutical, and biotech partners to drive advancements in neurological outcomes after cardiac events. 


Recent Publications: 

Serum Neurofilament Measurement Improves Clinical Risk Scores For Outcome Prediction After Cardiac Arrest: Results Of A Prospective Study

A recent study found serum neurofilament light chain (NfL) levels to be strongly associated with poor neurological outcome in patients after cardiac arrest. The authors' aim was to confirm these findings in an independent validation study and to investigate whether NfL improves the prognostic value of two cardiac arrest-specific risk scores.

Perioperative Neurofilament Light Plasma Concentrations and Cognition before and after Cardiac Surgery: A Prospective Nested Cohort Study

Neurofilament light is a marker of neuronal injury and can be measured in blood. Postoperative increases in neurofilament light have been associated with delirium after noncardiac surgery. However, few studies have examined the association of neurofilament light changes with postdischarge cognition in cardiac surgery patients, who are at highest risk for neuronal injury and cognitive decline. The authors hypothesized that increased neurofilament light (both baseline and change) would be associated with worse neuropsychological status up to 1 yr after cardiac surgery.

Absolute serum neurofilament light chain levels and its early kinetics predict brain injury after out-of-hospital cardiac arrest

Study designed to test if the early kinetics of neurofilament light (NFL) in blood adds to the absolute values of NFL in the prediction of outcome, and to evaluate if NFL can discriminate individuals with severe hypoxic–ischemic brain injury (sHIBI) from those with other causes of poor outcome after out-of-hospital cardiac arrest (OHCA).


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Our Current Portfolio

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Simoa Accelerator Lab

Simoa® Accelerator Laboratory

Utilize our CLIA-certified laboratory as a cost-effective, outsourced solution for your custom biomarker and biopharmaceutical research, assay development, and clinical sample testing needs.

Simoa Assays

NF-LightTM Assay

The Simoa NF-LightTM assay is a digital immunoassay for the quantitative determination of NfL in serum, plasma, and CSF. The antibodies also cross react with murine, bovine, and macaque NfL epitopes, and the assay can be used for research with these species.

Simoa Homebrew Assay

Simoa® Homebrew Assays

Quanterix offers the flexibility of multiplex homebrew assay development to minimize required sample volume; providing full kits that include all reagents and training required to develop these custom homebrew assays.