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Disarm Therapeutics, a biotechnology company creating a new class of disease-modifying therapeutics for patients with axonal degeneration, recently announced preclinical data demonstrating that small molecule inhibitors of SARM1 protect axons in both in vitro and in vivo models of axonal degeneration. 

The data shows that SARM1 inhibitors protect axons, including human iPSC-derived motor axons, in vitro from multiple causes of degeneration, including traumatic, chemotoxic, and mitochondrial insults. In addition, pharmacologic inhibition of SARM1 via oral, small molecule inhibitors prevented axonal degeneration and preserved axonal structure and function in a rodent model of chemotherapy-induced peripheral neuropathy (CIPN). Protection from axonal degeneration was measured using neurofilament light chain (Nf-L), a downstream biomarker of axonal degeneration that can be detected in blood. The Disarm poster can be found here.

Quanterix is widely known for enabling research into novel applications for Nf-L, with a robust collection of studies demonstrating the marker’s ability to advance early detection of a variety of neurological and neurodegenerative conditions.