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SR-X™ Ultra-Sensitive Biomarker Detection System

Powered by Simoa® bead technology, and offering researchers access to ultra-sensitive biomarker detection capabilities in a compact and affordable system. The SR-X is designed for multiplex detection of up to six analytes per well, with low volume requirements to increase productivity and throughput, while conserving your precious samples.

An extensive menu of Simoa assay kits are available to measure critical biomarkers with substantially higher sensitivity than standard immunoassay methods, enabling detection of both normal and acute levels with high precision across a range of sample types.

The Quanterix SR-X also provides researchers with the additional flexibility to design assays to detect both protein and nucleic acid biomarkers direct from blood without the need for error-prone complex pre-analytical extraction and amplification steps. This unique capability enables measurement of ultra-sensitive nucleic acid levels, including miRNA, without PCR.